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I’m excited to announce, I’ve completed a humorous novel entitled Riddles-The Hunt for Dillinger’s Loot. You can read the first chapter by scrolling over Samples of My Novel at the top of this page then click on Riddles. Smartphone users click menu.

My intended audience is 13-18 years old, but I’ve found readers of all ages love it. It’s about thirteen-year-old twin brothers, and their friends, searching for a hidden stash of loot from a 1933 bank robbery.

To see other stories, scroll over MY WRITER’S BLOG at the top. Being “Cool” at the Drive-in is featured this month. If you like, you can follow me on the My Writers Blog page . As a follower you’ll automatically receive my blog posts in your inbox, so you’ll occasionally receive a short story.

Recent Print Publications Where My Short Stories Appear.

The Brave

The Brave is a collection of short stories about freedom.  It’s a fundraiser for Semper K9 who provides free assistance dogs to veterans.  It is a publication of Claire Songbirds Publishers and will be available soon.

One Hundred Memories

One Hundred Memories is a collection of short stories.  It’s a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society of England.  It is a publication of Dreamwell Writing and will be available soon.

Through the Ages

My short story won second place in Living Springs Publishers annual Baby Boomers Plus Contest and appears in their “Through the Ages” anthology. 

Magazines Where my Short Stories Appear

“This Job is Sew, Sew” will appear in the November issue of Bookends Review.

“The Kids are Coming” will appear in the Christmas edition of Wax Poetry and Art

Alzheimer’s Disease Blog

My blog “A Trip Down Nomemory Lane” about Alzheimer’s Disease is at http://NoMemoryLane.com

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